Latest Helix innovations by Interact Egypt’s regional partner, Realnetworks!

Interact Egypt, as the regional partner of RealNetworks, would like to invite you to try the latest the release of the new Helix Producer as well as the latest version of Helix Universal Media Server. Helix is the leading end-to-end media delivery platform, which is multi-format, multi-platform and multi-screen simplifying the process of delivering digital media files and lowering the total cost of ownership by reducing the number of hardware platforms and power that is needed. Now you can easily build a branded video streaming application that works seamlessly on multiple mobile devices.

The Helix Producer new features include:

  1. IP Ingest – Receive media streams from the network. RTSP and MPEG2-TS are supported transports
  2. Create full HD 1920x1080p resolution H.264 content
  3. Simultaneously broadcast live-to-rolling archive for on-demand viewing
  4. Text and image overlay for watermarking content
  5. Multi-format source encoding (H.264, FLV, MOV, MP3, WMV, MP4, 3GP, AAC)
  6. Text and channel logo image overlay for watermarking content

Helix Helix Universal Media Server new features include:

  1. Supported on all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java) as the device features IP ingest & multi-track, making it simple to stream content in multiple languages.
  2. Simple to configure and deploy as the server delivers instantly available solutions.
  3. Getting higher levels of streaming throughput from your 64-bit hardware, whether it’s running Windows 2008, Redhat Linux 5.x, or Oracle’s Sun Solaris Sparc 10, getting the max throughput possible by utilizing the full available memory and multi-core architectures -& support larger, high definition media files.
  4. Capturing both RTSP (IP surveillance or streaming service) and MPEG2-TS (digital cable TV or satellite) streams, and transcode the content to deliver to multi-screens, including PCs, mobile devices and tablets.
  5. Loaded with pre-configured features including Fast-Channel Switching, Server-Side Playlists, Session Manager Event.

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Nevine Adel

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