Are You Ready To Make Sense of Your Data?

We finally sent to the Cloud Redlink’s new website and we will release in the coming months the APIs that will allow developers and enterprises to plugin semantic technologies and linked data services to their existing applications and workflows.

Redlink is a company headquartered in Salzburg, Austria and co-founded by Insideout10 (the sister company of Interact Egypt), Zaizi (an experienced open source ICT consulting firm based in the UK) and the amazing team of researchers behind Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta.

Here is a quick introductory video where I explain where the Redlink name comes from.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]


#RamadanGeeks #1 iftar for Digital Media Entrepreneurs

Iftar with the #RamadanGeeks of Cairo



Last Wednesday 24th of July Interact Egypt partnered with Mercy Corps Egypt to organize a Ramadan Geeks iftar to bring the entrepreneurship and technology community together.

The attendees, more than 70 geeks, e-marketers and entrepreneurs, all enjoyed the opportunity to network, discuss, listen and ask their questions to Fady Ramzy, Country Manager of Interact Egypt, who presented some interesting trends in the e-marketing field.

The dish party was made up of fantastic food and even more delicious desserts to which the majority of people would like to know where the Nutella Atayef came from and what shop it was purchased from, if you do have the answer please do email us!

Breaking News…Digital Media Academy coming soon!


There was also opportunity to update the community with some exciting news during the iftar, the main update was proudly announced by Fady and Interact Egypt revealed the upcoming Interact Egypt Digital Academy program to be launched by end of 2013.

To know more about the digital media academy please fill out this form here to have the chance to receive the latest news and course details.

Mohamed Ismail from Qualcomm announced the opening of the second round of the Cinemobile film festival competition and Hesham Wahby CEO of Innoventures gave a brief discussion on the upcoming programs to support the Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

As in every networking event, there was also some time for mentorship in which Fady enjoyed mentoring a young startup team through their challenges on complementing their live scripting service with an online video platform in order to enhance their visibility and extend their reach to the desired participants. Many attendees had questions on the buzzwords & latest trends of emarketing and there is an evident struggle in grasping all of this terminology together, therefore during the event Interact Egypt gave some simple definitions to the most recurring buzzwords floating around the community recently, if you do have a burning question on emarketing please send us an email or message and it would be our pleasure to answer you and refer you to the team representative with the most knowledge and expertise.

Fusing technology & agriculture

One of the highlights of the evening were the discussions on emarketing topics, and it was a pleasure to have talks & clarifications of the terms regarding the gathering of open data & open linked data to benefit and strengthen a particular industry or target group. One of the discussions that we really enjoyed and wanted to highlight was regarding the deep need of open data to the agriculture and farming industry here in Egypt which can be available to any person or even any application or computer program to use, queries posed between Fady Ramzy and one of our attendees. Currently most of the data about agriculture in Egypt like irrigation, fertilizers, seeds, crops, etc is scarce over the internet & unstructured and is not readily available or easily accessible.  At Interact Egypt we are very passionate about the use of emarketing to empower markets and open free data and we believe if we can have such data gathered in a proper way, the agribusiness in Egypt would be transformed to the next level, and we would be very interested in exploring this subject forward with interested participants!

Master Tweeters of the evening!mastergeeks

Last but not least in honor of the #RamadanGeeks themed iftar, Interact Egypt also gave away a surprise prize to its Top 3 Master Tweeters of the evening, in which they each one 1 free pass to a course of their choice in the upcoming Digital Media Academy, a big congratulations goes to Shaymaa Gaafar, Mohamed Mordi and Muhamad Mansour.

We would love to hear your feedback about the upcoming Digital Media academy, please fill out this form and we will strive to answer all your queries as soon as possible.

Finally we would like to extend our thanks to all attendees and hope you enjoyed the networking and delicious food from the iftar dish party. We hope to see you at our future events, to find out more about upcoming meet ups follow us on FB, Twitter and

For some great pictures of the RamadanGeeks iftar check out our  flickr account.

For inquiries and feedback please email us at anytime.