WordLift brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to Web Publishers around the World turning editorial contents into actionable knowledge.


WordLift is a plugin for WordPress developed by Insideout10 and used on this website.

The plugin can be downloaded from: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordlift/ and you can signup on wordlift.io to get it started.


Apache Marmotta

Apache Marmotta is a Linked Data platform that comprises several components. In its most basic configuration it is a Linked Data server. Marmotta is one of the reference projects early implementing the new Linked Data Platform recommendation that is being developed by W3C.It has been contributed by Salzburg Research from the Linked Media Framework, and continues its versioning, hence starting at version 3.0.0.Since April 2013, it is listed among the Semantic Web tools by the W3C.In December 2013, it has been nominated as “one of the ASF’s most active projects”.

The official website of Marmotta is marmotta.apache.org.

WordLift uses Apache Marmotta to store the metadata as Linked Data.



HelixWare is a Video Hosting Platform that allows publishers, broadcasters and content providers to ingest, encode and distribute videos across multiple screens.

HelixWare harnesses the power of media technologies to help broadcasters, operators and media companies build engaged audiences and monetize video for every screen.

Visit the official website of HelixWare to learn more.


empathy-driven design

Product management is shifting from an external focus on the market (what are the problems that need to be solved), or an internal focus on technology (how to solve it), to an empathetic focus on people (how to build an emotional connection with the people to create products that do more than “solve problems.”).
There is an interesting debate around these topics and here is a list of few articles written by Jon Kolko (president of Design at Blackboard) worth reading: