The online identity boosts business for Egyptian entrepreneurs!

In his interview with ITShow on Nile Culture last Sunday October 30th,, Mr.Fady Ramzy the Country Manager of Interact Egypt stressed on the fact that we are witnessing more business coming online from Egypt this year.

“After the revolution, social networks got higher traffic and Egyptians became more engaged on Facebook,
followed by Twitter, then LinkedIn. Facebook users in Egypt now almost tripled since beginning of this year.”, said

He also mentioned some interesting trends like the integration of the whole online eco system that includes the
company website, blog, social network accounts, etc. Geo-marketing is also a rising trend in Egypt utilizing social
networks like foursquare. In the web video space, he mentioned that though there many successful examples in
Egypt after the revolution, but yet the whole set of youtube features and not utilized so we cannot say yet that we
have a strong “web video” productions.

Talking also about Africa in the digital world, he shared his experience being a speaker about online identity for
business in the first African summit for E-marketing, that we held in Nairobi, Kenya last June. “In Africa, you can
find countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana & Nigeria very advanced in mobile technologies. I was amazed
how everyone in Kenya was using the M-Pesa mobile payment service”, added Ramzy. “Africa is fastest growing
continent in terms of new facebook users in the last 6 months.” He added.

On another track, about best tips and tricks to take a new business online, Ramzy recommended starting with
identifying the target audience and analyzing this target online first as the planning phase. Next comes the
implementation which can start with basic presence online by having a professional website, a facebook fanpage,
twitter and linkedin accounts. Then the performance of this online presence/identity should be measured and plan
re-evaluated again, it is an ongoing activity.

Fady Ramzy is an E-marketing speaker and consultant; he is the country manager of Interact Egypt which is the
regional office of the Italian R&D hub InsideOut.


Nevine Adel

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