Interact Egypt participates in GEW with NextGen initiative in Port Said

Last Monday, November 13th was a really interesting experience for interact Egypt and for myself, the country manager. On that day I joined NextGen initiative in PortSaid as part of Interact’s participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. They had a road-map of mentoring young entrepreneurs, dry run to present their ideas and finally on the 20th, to present their ideas/companies to judges. The winning group is provided a 3 weeks trip to be mentored in Aramex Jordan.

I went there as a mentor with a great group of enthusiastic other mentors like Peter Sorial, Mohamed Al-Borno, Abdel Rahman wahba, Hady Fathy, Dr. Shereen along with others. Also were accompanied by the great group of the USAID/ECP, Mike Ducker, the entrepreneur-in-residence and his team, Dr. Arwa, Dorris & Mariam.

The mentoring sessions began at 11 am with each mentor having between 5 – 7 groups. The main goal of the mentor was to discuss with the group their idea of the project, analysis it and give them his experience and feedback here.

I was really impressed by the groups I mentored, especially a group from faculty of engineering who invented an underwater video robot that is equipped with a camera and transfers a video stream from under the sea!


Nevine Adel

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