Marvin Minsky

You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.

Marvin Lee Minsky (born August 9, 1927 and died January 24, 2016 at the age of 88) is an American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), co-founder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence laboratory, and author of several texts on AI and philosophy.

An Hacker Koan to remember him:

“What are you doing?”, asked Minsky.
“I am training a randomly wired neural net to play Tic-tac-toe”, Sussman replied.
“Why is the net wired randomly?”, asked Minsky.
“I do not want it to have any preconceptions of how to play”, Sussman said.
Minsky then shut his eyes.
“Why do you close your eyes?” Sussman asked his teacher.
“So that the room will be empty.”
At that moment, Sussman was enlightened.

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