Toothing at SXSW

Toothing was originally a hoax claim that Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or PDAs were being used to arrange random encounters…today there are more sophisticated platforms if you’re into casual meetings but bluetooth remains a quite interesting signal of our social universe.

Here follows a quick overview of the devices I met more frequently (with my mobile phone) during my days in Austin while attending South By South West: on the Y-axis you’ll find the RSSI (Received signal strength indication that tell us how close I’ve been to other peers – the value has been normalized) and on the X-axis the timeline.

For sure the graph speaks clear about my undiscussed devotion for @livinka 😉

The data has been gathered with the MIT FUNF Open Sensing Framework and you can play with the interactive chart (select the “Viz” sheet from the bottom left corner of Google Docs) and check if I’ve been toothing with you these days.




Ahmed ElMeligy

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