The 2011 revolutionists are glocalizing online creativity to become 2012 entrepreneurs

Starting Nov.14, Global Innovation Game, the official online game of Global Entrepreneurship Week, -known as GiG — featured provocative challenges inspired by these banner slogans: Brainstorm a New World. What’s the Amazon worth to Brazil’s entrepreneurs? What can an Arab revolutionary teach us about business? How can startups make Africa roar by tackling security threats and the gap in education? To learn more about the pre-event preparation, visit this link .

“East Asia, key parts of Africa, Brazil, post-revolution Arab nations and emerging Europe, such as Turkey – all are being lifted up by entrepreneurship.” says Global Mind Games co-founder Edward DeMarco, a former international policy editor.

The Twitter Chat was part of this GIG’s Brainstorm a New World lineups all days last week: GiG’s Arab Frontier Twitter chat on Tuesday Nov. 15, Brazil scores on Wednesday Nov. 16, Rising Africa on Thursday Nov.17 and Emerging Europe on Friday, Nov. 18.

Fady Ramzy of Interact Egypt co-founder and country manager was Cairo expert who told GiG’s Arab Frontier Twitter chat last Tuesday, Nov. 15 and talked about the challenges for entrepreneurs after the Arab Spring.

The one-hour Twitter chats began at 10 a.m. New York time at #GiGchat on Twitter. Participants who wanted to join the conversation, simply added #GiGchat at the end of their tweet.

Social media tools that helped ignite revolutions across the Arab world this year are now being adopted by young entrepreneurs to expand their economies. All new Egyptian online entrepreneurs share the vision of utilizing technology to start and grow their businesses,” said Ramzy, @cyberzizo and @interactEgypt on Twitter, noting that Facebook users have tripled this year.

“The bottom line is you’re competing to win a global brainstorm,” DeMarco says. “And you can rally your Facebook friends to back your ideas with our easy sharing features and virtual currency. GiG is feature rich and building a loyal player base across the world.”

Ramzy said bureaucracy remains a heavy obstacle for startups although the ease of working online is spurring progress for business. And he noted there is still a need for “education, awareness and training” to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

Aspiring entrepreneurs use GiG as a fun platform to crowdsource ideas for all kinds of challenges, from the environment to technology to development in Africa. And because this is a social game, you play for status across four traits: Ambassador, Influencer, Investor and Socialite.  GiG is a creation of Boston-based Global Mind Games Co. To read more about this event, check this link .[youtube=]


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